Word Cloud and Bon Jovi, or, The One With All The Caffeine

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

Just in case you’re wondering what my novel is about in terms of which words I use the most, here it is!

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Yup, that DOES surprise me. No, my novel is NOT about wallabies. They aren’t even the main characters. But apPARrently, that’s what I’ve mostly mentioned so far as far as word count goes. Huh. Very interesting.

Thanks to the Portsmouth Public Library, I’m at a write-in right now. Not a huge turnout today… I think having to postpone the kick-off party last week due to Hurricane Sandy really put a damper on the excitement. Not that that could have been helped… though I wish they had rescheduled it! Oh well.

Can’t wait for a Kaffe Vonsolln-sposored Tuesday! Dunkins is great and all, but Vonsolln has better pastries. And in regards to coffee, I had three cups before I arrived here, and I’m a one-cup-a-day, MAYBE two cups if it’s THAT KIND of day, kind of girl. So, I’m already jittery. And I’m drinking Dunkin’ coffee, which is like the worst of all in terms of jitters. I may have to go get a bottle of water and a ham sandwich soon to mitigate the blood sugar/caffeine crisis my body is in right now.

Um, so apparently my word count should hit 10,000 today… 10,002 to be exact. Uhhhh… I’m at 4,292. So:

Ohhhhhh we’re (almost) halfway theeeeerrrrre!

More. Words.