Using A Single Note As A Table Of Contents: Linking Within Notes in Evernote

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

Once you have amassed a bajillion notes in your Evernote account, you may find it cumbersome to locate frequently-used reference notes. There are plenty of tactics for solving this—sidebar links, tags, or any number of searches or saved searches—but one I find super useful in some cases is creating a Table of Contents note using the Note Link function in Evernote.

This is especially useful when I’m working on one larger project, such as a publication, that will have many notes that I will want to reference. I’ve used this as an editor when keeping track of publication content (using checkboxes in front of each link to mark as completed), and also as a way to keep tabs on various parts of book projects.

Here’s a screenshot example using one of my main Project notes that I use to keep track of several personal projects:

Above is a list of various ongoing projects I’m involved in. Each one is a link to a note that contains to-do lists, links, documents, and notes for that project. In some cases, those notes might link to even more notes, but in other cases, it may just be a checklist of upcoming action items.
Say I want to add to this list a link of “Foodstuffs.” I locate that note and right-click on it:

Select “Copy Note Link,” and then go to the note where you want the link, and simply “Paste.”


You can see how this would be able to translate as a Table of Contents for any project where you might want to keep separate notes for each section, chapter, or topic.

But WHY?

The benefit of doing it this way as opposed to simply tagging the notes for the project, or keeping them in a specific notebook (both of what are also a good idea) is that you can keep them in a specific order instead of viewing them by which was updated last, or having a naming convention that forces you to name them in number order.

Neat, huh?

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