If you are looking for a way to wrangle your unruly Twitter feed, Twitter Lists are for you.

Twitter Lists are a great way to make your Twitter feed manageable, segment your followers, gain new followers, and find relevant information or content quickly.

If you are relatively new to Twitter, you’ve likely started following more people than you can possibly keep up with. You’ll never reach the bottom of your Twitter feed — don’t worry, you aren’t supposed to, and no one expects you to. But how do you find people having conversations that you want to follow or engage in?

In this post, we’ll cover:

  • How To Subscribe to a List
  • How To Create A Twitter List
  • How to Add a User to a Twitter List
  • Private Twitter Lists vs. Public Twitter Lists
  • Additional examples of Twitter Lists

I suggest taking three basic steps to get yourself familiar with Lists and start understanding their potential:

  1. Subscribe to a List that interests you
  2. Create a Private List
  3. Create a Public List
Here’s how:

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