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Thank you to All Above All for highlighting my op-ed on repealing the Hyde Amendment in their “Acts of Boldness” campaign! It’s such an honor to featured alongside so many of my heroes in the fight for reproductive justice and gender equality.

Thank you for all you’re doing to amplify the voices of those fighting to #BeBoldEndHyde!

View all Acts of Boldness here:

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From my post over on, about keeping the 4sqDay spirit of community alive year round!

We Foursquare lovers look forward to April 16th all year. Not only can we get cool specials and swag at our fave local businesses, we can also hang out with people in person that we bump into virtually all year round—the people whose avatar greet us when we open the app to check in, or who taunt us on Twitter when they steal mayorship of a hotly contested venue. On 4sqDay, we gather with our community Leaderboard battlers and break bread and toast glasses—but how can we make that feeling last all year?
Last year, in 2012, our community had a rip-roaring 4sqDay that left me longing to reproduce that convivial feeling on a regular basis with the abudance of amazing people checking in all over our city. This sparked two meetups beyond 4sqDay—4sqFriday and Portsmouth Breakfast Club.

Read the rest of the post here.

Also, remember to sign up for the 4sqDay swag item today—it’s the LAST DAY to get it in time! What is it? I’ll let Doug answer:

@dougridley shows off the 2013 4sqDay swag item!


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