Hyde Amendment

Thank you to All Above All for highlighting my op-ed on repealing the Hyde Amendment in their “Acts of Boldness” campaign! It’s such an honor to featured alongside so many of my heroes in the fight for reproductive justice and gender equality.

Thank you for all you’re doing to amplify the voices of those fighting to #BeBoldEndHyde!

View all Acts of Boldness here: http://allaboveall.org/acts-of-boldness/

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In the inaugural article of my new column for Seacoast Sunday (The Portsmouth Herald/Fosters Daily Democrat), I wrote about the discriminatory nature of the Hyde Amendment, which unfairly targets poor women by restricting access to their legal right to have a safe abortion. It’s a matter of inequality. 

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Last week, the New Hampshire House voted on 10 laws that impact women’s health and access to safe and legal reproductive health care. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the most significant abortion-related case of the past two decades, in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. And in the past year, candidates vying for the highest office in the country have weighed in with their thoughts on women’s health in general and abortion in particular.

So, this begs the question: when equal access to reproductive health care is being discussed, who gets to frame the conversation?

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