Cause, Campaign & Event Marketing

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

What’s the “why” behind your next initiative?

Who do you hope to engage with your message? Who do you want to show up for you? Who will be your biggest fans? Whose voice do you seek to amplify?

A successful marketing strategy and communications plan for your cause, campaign or event will be based in clear answers to questions like these.

As Simon Sinek said in his now iconic TEDx Talk, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” So what’s the “why” behind your next cause, campaign or event?

It can feel tempting to jump right into a social media marketing campaign or launch a fun guerilla marketing idea for your event or project, but if you haven’t answered the foundational questions or pictured the specific audience for your initiative, then your marketing won’t ring true or be as successful as it can be.

I love to work on marketing strategies for causes, campaigns and events — here are some ways you might get some value from my marketing strategy experience:

Ask me a marketing strategy question

If you’re planning an event, launching a campaign or looking for some guidance marketing your cause or advocacy project, ask me a marketing strategy question. I’ll give it some thought, maybe ask you some follow-up questions and then write up my recommendations in a future blog post.

Hire me as a consultant for your next project

Looking for more help than one Q&A would cover? You might need to hire a consultant to help you create and implement a marketing strategy. For a successful event or campaign, you should find someone who aligns really well with your goals and values.

If you’re wondering if I might be a good fit, here are some things to help you determine whether we’d work well together:

Types of campaigns that I love to work on:
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Grassroots Community Organizing Campaigns
Causes that share my values:
  • Advocacy for Reproductive Justice
  • Domestic Violence Survivor Support
  • LGBTQ+ Rights
  • Racial Justice & Dismantling White Supremacy
  • Women’s Rights & Equality
  • Opportunities for Low-Income Individuals & Families
  • Refugee & Immigrant Rights
  • Democratic & Progressive Policies & Candidates
I love working on events that:
  • are inclusive and intersectional
  • amplify the voices of women and people of color
  • are accessible to people of all economic backgrounds
  • share great ideas and opportunities for action
  • bring together otherwise disparate groups of people

Relevant Experience

10 years social media community-building experience including FourSquare meetups, Tweetups, regular digital marketing meetups, founding a 4-year-running breakfast networking group, sitting on various regional boards as a social media and inbound marketing specialist, creating branding campaigns, promoting hashtags, blogging about local businesses, etc.

7 years agency experience including copywriting, content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, SEO writing, digital marketing strategy, campaign development from concept to execution and reporting on relevant metrics

7 years organizing regional TEDx event including licensing, team building, speaker and performer curation, program development, event logistics coordination, PR and communications, sponsor/partner relations, budget management, volunteer management, speaker coaching coordination, technical production oversight, food logistics, ticketing management, insurance, stage design coordination, audience engagement, arts integration and overall marketing

7 years email marketing campaign experience including weekly email roundups, curating local events, highlighting local businesses, sharing local news, promoting events through ticket giveaways and growing an email list through consistent branding, social media presence and building an enthusiastic readership

5 years coordinating online pro-choice activist group including private social media group communications, spearheading petition signings, attending rallies and protests, spearheading flyering initiative, organizing action meetups

3 years leading PR for regional film festival including press releases, interview booking, filmmaker communications, press conference coordination, press credential management

2 years co-curating a community conversation event series including panel curation, co-moderating, stakeholder identification and event promotion

2 years coordinating the largest Pride event in the state including program management, volunteer management, coordinating with city officials, health department coordination, food vendor recruitment and communications

Interested in working together? Contact me.