I improve online and in-person engagement between my clients and their most enthusiastic audiences.

Who I Will — and Will Not — Work With

I practice values-centric work. This means that I center my values in the work that I do, I care more about the effect of my client’s work within the community than any paycheck — and I want to work with others who work the same way.

I work with organizations who are working improve our shared communities.

I work with organizations who prioritize:

  • Intersectional Feminist Leadership
  • LGBTQIA+ Equality
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Indigenous Rights & Recognition
  • Immigrant & Refugee Rights
  • Safety Net Services (food, health, shelter)

I won’t work with:

  • Manufacturers or promoters of guns/firearms
  • The fossil fuel industry
  • Any entity which doesn’t believe that Black Lives Matter

What I Do

I’m a writer with a strong background in digital marketing and community engagement.

My experience ranges from senior copywriting to stakeholder engagement. I have over 15 years’ experience in communications, digital marketing, political campaigns and progressive activism — and I employ this background with a strong organizational approach and diligent work ethic.

As a communications, media and community engagement consultant, I help my clients improve their message, online presence and reach.

This may include:

  • Advising on digital strategy, content strategy, social media and PR strategy
  • Help rewrite mission, values, website copy and marketing materials
  • Producing & publishing podcasts, videos and other media
  • Finding key community stakeholders who will catalyze engagement from the community
  • Running large-scale community events, from concept to execution

I specialize in overall digital marketing and content strategy, including:

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