Women Run! – New Hampshire Women’s Foundation

As Director of Strategic Communications and Engagement at NH Women’s Foundation, I co-lead the Women Run! program with our Director of Policy. We have run numerous trainings, and I have acted as strategic advisor, event co-organizer, panelist and trainer.

As a contractor with the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation, I co-ran the 2020 Women Run! Wednesday series, with NHWF Policy Director, bringing trainings online for 2020 to meet COVID-19 needs.

Women Run! is the state’s only nonpartisan program that empowers and trains women to run for elected office.

Helped recruit women to run for office across all parties and offices in New Hampshire, with a focus on June 2020 filing deadlines. Served as a panelist for one of the four Women Run! Wednesday series trainings. Also worked on engagement strategies to continue Women Run! alumnae engagement.

NH Women's Foundation Women Run! 2020