Pining for iSkitch; Penning for Publish…ing

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

WHEN is Skitch coming to the iPhone? According to their site, it’s “coming soon”… According to their blog, they’re hiring people as of September who are good with iOS, so… safe to say it won’t be, like, tomorrow. Sigh. The ONE thing Android has going for it… the ONE thing. As far as I’m concerned.

I want to do THIS:

on my phone! (I did that on my Mac—thank HEAVENS there’s at least a Mac App for it)


My novel editing is going… very slowly. What was a blast to write and a thrill to finish is becoming a huge task to refine. I’m too close to it. I think it’s brilliant. It cracks me up. It’s hilarious. The problem is, there are huge plot holes! Things just don’t make sense beginning to end! They all make sense on a micro scale, but overall they need to be shifted around. I need to break them off into sections and rearrange them without looking at the individual paragraphs… I’m just too attached to my own perceived hilarity. It’s a real problem.

Here’s some great writing advice from David Oglivy:

 “If all else fails, I drink half a bottle of rum and play a Handel oratorio on the gramophone. This generally produces an uncontrollable gush of copy. The next morning I get up early and edit the gush… I am a lousy copywriter, but I am a good editor.”

So wise.

I’ll temporarily shift my writing to the 10-sentence story inspired by my Story Cubes. Here’s what I was cast in the last Creative Writing Group meeting:

Ten sentences… 
…and I’m off!