NaNoWriMo Day 28– And the delerium sets in

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

I’ve been coasting by these last few days, feeling much like a famished person in a dark, cold desert, seeing fire and water everywhere but not ever quite reaching refreshment or warmth. You see, for the last three days, I’ve been typing away tying to make the numbers on my spreadsheet tell me that I will have to type 3,000 words or less to meet the 50k goal on Wednesday… Now, I’m no math whiz, and more importantly I have no brain power left after writing thousands of words each night, but… each night, I hit around 2700 or 2800 and the spreadsheet then says I have less than 3000 words to write the next day to meet my goal… I don’t really understand. Maybe by Dec 3rd or 4th it’ll hit my recuperated brain and I’ll come back here and edit this post to remove all proof of my sheer idiocy. Hey, wanna see my spreadsheet?

Sexy, huh? It somehow keeps me clacking away without distraction to try figure out all those totals every day. 
What else is going on? Um.
I just looked up at Conan and saw that Jason Seigel has some facial hair… just a dusting, but it’s disconcerting. It’s just a hint of peach fuzzy goatee… Way to be creepy, dude! I kid, I still love you.
I sleepy. Night night.