NaNoWriMo Day 26 – Feeling good!

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

You guessed it, kids, it’s time for another Wordle!

Aren’t you excited to see some other words starting to grow in usage outside of “Just around one”?


So, great Thanksgiving! Wrapped it up in this cool Inn on Old Orchard Beach, the Atlantic Birches Inn, owned by some family of family. It was pretty sweet digs– guarded by THESE chaps:

Friendly! Anyhoo, after gorging myself Thanksgiving day, I just didn’t have enough of the tasty veggie side dishes, and I made this delectable goodness!

Photos cannot begin to describe to you just how amazing it tasted to eat these quartered brussel sprouts, sliced carrots and garlic. Just mixed with a wee hint of oil and roasted til browned… Mmmm-mmm! This will become a staple in my life. Except for days like today when damned Market Basket is out of damned brussel sprouts! Gah! (Don’t judge my frozen Banquet fried chicken. I live a busy life with NaNoWriMo!)

So, that about brings me up to date until TODAY! TODAY was super fun! I took a jaunt down to Lowell to see my great friend and former colleague, Bartley, in Disney’s Phineas and Ferb Live! tour. I went down with a friend and we left early enough to swing by the Kerouac Commemorative on the way between the parking garage and the arena!

This excerpt from On The Road really rekindled that love for his style– the stream of conscious flow of his words and imagery. It inspired me in my novel motivation!

This shot shows a bit of the genius of the design of this commemorative. The reflections match the background so closely that it gave the effect of the huge slabs of granite being somehow transparent! It was really cool. Also, the little park has a ton of benches, for reflecting, writing… what have you. I like it a bunch.

Along our stroll to the arena which took us WAY around to some of the more … exciting … parts of Lowell, we ran across this:

which excited me perhaps an inordinate amount. SERIFS! On a BUILDING! Held on by THOSE BAR THINGIES! It was very retro. I liked it a bunch. The building was for the Lowell Sun, the town’s long standing paper!

We also passed this:

That’s right, that says “Espresso Pizza.” I’m going to hope that means “fast pizza” and not “coffee beverage pizza”… cuz… um… 
Anyhoo, the show was GREAT! 
Super fun, and my pal Bartley, who was Dr. Doofensmirtz and also some other dancers while out of costume, really stole the show with his dancing and baton tossing and energy!
Okay, I have HIT 38k with 631 bonus words, so I am GOING TO BED now! Yay!
Catch you on the flip side, suckers!