NaNoWriMo Day 22 – Whence have the pictures hied hence?

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

I’m sad that my various camera-to-computer apparati are all at home, with no way of uploading my mahhvelous phone pics from yesterday and today to the interwebs whilst procrastinating my Writer’s Cafe time away! I’m at a word count of 30,851, with a par of 36,666 to hit today.

I have a great pic of the Hilton Garden Inn spread at the library right now. It’s epic! Let’s pretend this is it:

Okay, that’s totally ripped off of the web, but it’s pretty fantastic for real.

Also, Lexie’s was amazing last night. I also have a photo or two showing that the secret about Lexie’s is totally out now. Let’s pretend this is it:

Also, the City Council meeting last night was pretty kick-ass as well. Let’s pretend THIS is last night’s City Council meeting:

Oh, wrong again. Aren’t I so silly? My favorite quote from last night’s City Council meeting was from the ever-lovable City Attorney Sullivan. “No, we don’t propose to purchase any land that we already own.” It was in response to a question clarifying which section of land the Manager was proposing to negotiate the purchase of. The Councilor who asked had just indicated a parcel of land that is already the City’s property. Can’t get anything past our City guys! Seriously, though, City Manager Bohenko does nothing but impress every time he speaks. It’s so clear that he is right on top of everything and is great at his job. I have yet to see him stumped by any question– and the Council is made up of nine very unique individuals who all have very different focuses and different things they are concerned about and want to be held accountable for. I love to see this city’s democracy at work. And I’m also sad to see Ferrini go. I like him. He’s very Mayoral. And this from the woman who jokes about BEING the Mayor of Portsmouth. He’s a good egg. It’ll be interesting to see the change in dynamic when the new Council is sworn in! (It’s still unclear who will take the 9th seat, as the residency of one Jack Thorsen is up for investigation by the same City Attorney quoted at the top of this paragraph).

For real though, I’ll add the real pics later this evening.