NaNoWriMo Day 14 – Monday!

by Crystal Paradis

So, hey, it’s Monday. To give you just an idea of MY Monday, THIS is the weekend I was coming off of:

Ahhh. Amirite?
Well, in spite of that, it’s been a really great day! I’m a big believer in #MakingMondaysMatter (Go follow @URockMarketing to catch THAT positive energy! ), so that positive attitude helps!
I haven’t written a SINGLE word today, although NaNoWriMo thinks I’ve written a couple hundred since my last update was just after midnight last night. I plan to enjoy a fantastic $4 dinner at Lexie’s Joint tonight with my two roomies (They have a 1-2-3 Monday special: $1 Buds, $2 Coke/IBC bottles, $3 Bacon Cheesburger WITH fries. Mmm), then get down to biz. I ended ahead of the word count benchmark last night, thanks to some serious motivation sparked by @ReShootComic, who threw out a 15k Weekend Word War! I tapped out at just over 10k, but considered my weekend a success nonetheless.
Bring it on, Monday night! Hopefully I’ll do a quick sketch, too, so that I’ll have a great fresh picture going into Tuesday, which is Write-In day at the Portsmouth Public Library! Not only that, Hallie MotherEffing Ephron will be speaking to us at the PPL at 7, too! Her topic: “How to Write Fast without Losing Your Compass.” Boy, could I use THAT pep talk at this point in the month!
Peace out, yo!

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