NaNoWriMo – Day 10

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

I suppose having started the challenge by finding out at the kick-off party at 6pm on the first day that it was actually a REAL THING wasn’t the best. I’d thought it was a vague sort of “National [insert thing here]” month observation by our one and only Portsmouth Public Library, not an actual thing you register for, with a concrete 50,000 word count goal to reach!

In spite of that, I committed anyway and overshot the daily goal that evening by more than doubling it!

(Plus, look at all the cool loot I scored from the fabulous Portsmouth Public Library!:


It’s now Day Ten, and although I’m not QUITE up to par, I’m doing fairly well considering I’ve had a few “0” days and even a “9” day… Write-In Tuesday accrued me almost 6k!

I have added a widget to this blog to further incentivize my progress.

My NaNo name is “cfparadis.”

Let’s DO this!