My rates — cash and trade

by Crystal Paradis

As a values-centric work advocate, I care deeply about where my time and energy is spent. I want to continue to build the type of community I want to see — that includes building alternatives to white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy. (More on my work through Feminist Oasis here.) To that end, I’m very interested in an alternative economy, and I want to help build that alternative economy with you. That means the currency I accept is not limited to cash/money.

My rates are listed below in cash, both hourly rate and sample project rates, and also examples of trade partnerships. If you have an alternative trade/barter request, let me know!

Hourly and Project Rates — Standard Cash/Money

Hourly Rate

I typically prefer to price based on a project, but I use an hourly rate as a starting point to help estimate a project cost. My hourly rate for most communications, copywriting and digital marketing work is: $95/hour.

Project Rates

Here are some sample project rates based loosely on past projects.

Speaking + Facilitating

Travel rates apply.

  • Panelist fee: $500
  • Facilitation fee (materials provided by client) for 90-minute/half-day events: $750/$1,500
  • Workshop hosting and materials prep fee: $2,500
  • Keynote fee: $4,000


  • Audit and high-level strategy recommendations for existing blogs: $250
  • Content calendar for three platforms for a 3-month period: $500
  • Ongoing blog writing for 300–600-word posts — general: $450/post
  • Ongoing blog writing for 650–900-word posts — technical/expert: $750/post

Persuasive Writing

  • Cornerstone persuasive writing for your website, upcoming speech, lobbying efforts, public engagement, Op-ed/editorial ghostwriting and/or copyediting and feedback (up to 1,250 words): $1,250
  • Blog post or article (500-1,000 words) addressing your biggest pushback/argument: $750

Website Copywriting

  • Depending on the size of the website, level of technicality of the writing required, SEO goals, scope and schedule of the website project and percentage of new copy or headlines that will need to be written, I have priced website copywriting projects anywhere in the range of $4,500 – $12,500

SEO Audit 

  • Audit, recommendations & new SEO headlines for 10-page website: $1,500
  • Audit, recommendations and new SEO headlines and meta descriptions for 25-page site: $3,500

Event Organizing & Conference Consulting

  • Providing high-level organizing consulting for large-scale events and conferences (includes: recommendations and strategy on organizing team structure, volunteer engagement, city/municipal permits, insurance, ticketing and attendee management, attendee engagement, speaker/panelist recruitment, security and accessibility concerns, fundraising, budget structure, etc., provided verbally at meetings, followed-up with written guidelines/customized handbook; does not include: hands-on detailed work, individual outreach and/or execution of tasks): $900/week retainer or $300 for a single meeting with you/your group
  • Note: your event/conference must align with my values (see “Who I Will Work With” guidelines)

I offer discounts for nonprofits, social enterprises and feminist-owned organizations. I also offer sliding scales for individuals, businesses, organizations or projects led by members of underrepresented groups.

Services Trade or Bartering

If you have a service, skill, trade or product that you would like to offer in exchange for my services, I may be interested in discussing a partnership. Potential services/things that I would love to exchange, either in conjunction with or instead of a cash/monetary payment:

  • Admin work
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Graphic design
  • Printing services
  • Photography
  • Laundry services
  • Food (prepared or raw goods)

And potentially more — let me know what your area of expertise is, or what you love doing the most, and let’s see if working together makes sense.

Interested in working together? Contact me.