My eyes, My eyes!!! | Eye Fatigue, Brain Fatigue, and NaNoWriMo

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

Well, I hit 12,000 words about an hour into Writer’s Cafe at the Portsmouth Public Library today. My NaNoWriMo 12k word count milestone reward was another Wordle:

Ahh, how the mighty wallaby has fallen! I mean, it’s still ONE of the top words, but considering my story, I feel much better having “tree” be the top word. It really is the main character.

I think my stats this year are decidedly behind where they were last year…

At word count: 10,836

But hey, I’m making progress. Ommwriter is helping for sure, with the blocking out of the rest of the screen. Distractions are my #2 struggle this year… behind #1, which is the beck and call of the television. I tell you, man, I’ve been putting in some serious hours at work over the past several months, and it only ever gets busier and busier. And the longing for burying myself under the covers and watching that day’s Ellen, or catching up on Parks and Rec or Dexter (see above Wordle for some not-so-subtle fan/character naming) or … any number of mindless, humorous, and entertaining things on a screen that DOESN’T stare back at me demanding WORDS, MORE WORDS! Stay strong, Crystal. We can do this.

Hang in there, you fellow NaNo-ers!

And if you have any particular inspirational-y type quotes, or videos, or articles, etc., I’m a junkie for them when I’m tackling a writing project. I mean, click over to my Inspiration page, watch those two videos, and tell me that doesn’t inspire you to create a productive and creative space for yourself! I’ve pretty much taped John Cleese’s advice to my wall in chunks above my character snapshots and plot tidbits.

That strip of papers above the trim is John Cleese advice

I kept it blurry to keep the MYSTERY of my novel alive… intrigued? Muahahaha!

Okay, back it it. Two hours more to hit 15k…

Happy typing!