How To Copy an Evernote Note Link in Less Than 1 Second—Quick Evernote Tip/Shortcut

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

With this simple shortcut, you can instantaneously copy an Evernote note link to your clipboard, ready to paste into an email, Facebook post, or tweet.


⌘ + /

That’s it! While in the note you want to share—recipe, article, to-do list, collection of documents/attachments, photos, etc., simply hit “⌘ + /” and VOILA! “Note URL copied!” The note link will be copied to your keyboard, ready to “⌘ + Tab” to your previous window and “⌘ + V” paste into a message of your choice.
Pasted a few recent recommendation links into a note for a pal,
and with the stroke of two keys, ta-da: note URL copied!
Pretty much the fastest, most useful Evernote shortcut ever.