Email Newsletter: Community Events, Retail & Restaurant Highlights, Local Buzz

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

The #PortsmouthLOVE Letter grew from a popular hashtag that Crystal Paradis coined and popularized in 2012. In July of 2014, the #PortsmouthLOVE Letter was created. It quickly gained a small, local, loyal following who looked forward to the roundup of upcoming events in the Seacoast, as well as local highlights of shops and restaurants, hot tips on specials and local news items and accolades.

After going on hiatus in late 2015, it returned in early 2017 with the addition of a civic engagement section and weekly featured local dog (#PortsmouthLOVE Pups).

As of October 2017, The PortsmouthLOVE Letter has over 400 subscribers with an average open rate between 50-60% (2-3x higher than the national average).

You can read past issues of The PortsmouthLOVE Letter here: