About Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

by Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

A vocal community leader and strategic communications professional.

I put my communications and coalition-building skills to use for individuals and organizations that are committed to building better, more inclusive communities.

I direct my time and unique skills where they can make the biggest positive impact — that means leveraging my communications experience, extensive network and strategic thinking for projects that advance collective liberation and social justice.

As Director of Strategic Communications & Community Engagement at New Hampshire Women’s Foundation, I lead our messaging and engagement efforts, building Voice, Money and Power for women, girls and marginalized genders in New Hampshire. 

Some of my past work has included managing communications teams, founding a social enterprise with Feminist Oasis, leading TEDxPortsmouth through 7 years of growth and writing about feminist issues.

I’ve run for office and served on my local City Council because I believe the power to change our communities for the better lies within each and every one of us. 


Photo and Bio for speaking engagements (updated July 2023):

Bio — Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

Pronouns: She/Her  Pronunciation: KRIS’-tuhl  PAIR’-ah-dee cat-n-ZAIR’-ō

Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro is Director of Strategic Communications & Community Engagement for the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation, where she leads the Foundation’s messaging and efforts to build Voice, Money and Power for women, girls and marginalized genders in New Hampshire. She is involved in the Foundation’s Women Run! program, recruiting and training women to run for local and state office in New Hampshire. Past work has included being an organizer with the 2016 Democratic coordinated campaign, organizing TEDx events, working at digital marketing agencies and founding an experimental social enterprise, Feminist Oasis.

Crystal served a two-year term (2020-2021) as City Councilor At-Large in the City of Somersworth, leading efforts around election safety and security as Chair of the Election Review Planning Commission, and in the fall of her first year, she helped cut the ribbon on Somersworth’s first dog park, a key priority of her campaign. As councilor, she was a member of Public Safety, Sustainability, Recreation and Economic Development Committees, and was Secretary/Treasurer of the Lamprey Regional Waste Cooperative.

She volunteers with a variety of local nonprofits and currently sits on the board of SOS Recovery Organization. In her spare time, she enjoys feminist birdwatching, and working on her 3-acre homestead (especially work that involves the tractor), where she lives with her wife and their three dogs.

Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro Headshot 

Please credit photographer Will Zimmerman where possible:

Headshot of Crystal, folding her arms across her chest in a gray blazer. She has short blondish hair.
Photo by Will Zimmermann